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In contrast, Mapia Reef, inside the Manado Gulf, was characterized by almost still waters (10% of gypsum dissolution after 24 h of exposition).
Only the specimens from the sheltered site of Mapia Reef showed significative differences in average length (439.7 [+ or -] 83.1 cm; Kruskal-Wallis, P < 0.01) (Fig.
Only in Mapia Reef did the diameter, after reaching the maximum of 23 cm in the third turn, decrease again to 9 cm in the tenth turn (Fig.
A similar phenotypic response to water movement was also observed, in the same area, for another long whip black coral species, Pseudocirrhipathes mapia (Bo and Bavestrello, 2009).
We should remember that Mapia, in Pauini, Amazonas, has a very strong tradition of childbirth with Daime, more so than in the cities.
He is a healing arts practitioner and he and his partner Maria lead tours to Brazil and Mapia. He can be reached at his e-mail address: