MAPITManchester Anomalous Phenomena Investigation Team
MAPITMission Area to Programming Integration Tool
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Launched in 2005, Siemon's end-to-end MapIT solution was designed to help IT professionals manage their networks, improve documentation, enhance security, improve productivity and reduce downtime.
According to the company, combined with its MapIT enabled copper and fibre-optic network cabling systems, the new software provides new network infrastructure management capabilities and features.
Once that page went to the Web, a little "Yahoo!'s Mapit" button appeared, ready for clicking.
At present, CINDOR can be used to search a collection of intellectual property databases through the MNIS MAPIT service, but it is primarily targeted as a standalone software module for incorporation into other systems.
Developed for children ages 8-12 and their teachers, the ePLAY site hosts the eBUGS Adventures, episodic programming that introduces history and culture related to curriculum in grades 3-7; games like MAPIT ZAPIT, which tests their knowledge of world and U.S.
(8) INSTRUMENTS, DEVICES AND OBJECTS: 'aviron 'airplane' ('avir 'air'), birkon 'knee high stockings' (berex 'knee', [square root]brk/x), cilon 'window shade, blind' (cel 'shadow', [square root]cll), kova'on 'condom' (kova 'hat'), mapiyon 'paper napkin dispenser' (mapit 'napkin', [square root]npy), maxsevon 'pocket calculator' (maxsev 'computer', [square root]xsv), mesivon 'answering machine' (mesiv 'answering', [square root]swv), sfaton 'lipstick' (safa 'lip'), tiyulon 'stroller' (tiyul 'trip', [square root]tyl), yisumon '(computing) applet' (yisum 'application', [square root]ysm) (see (19) in the Appendix)
Network monitoring and management was addressed with MapIT
Contents of this service are aimed at prior art/patent searching, and MNIS has developed MAPIT to analyze differences/similarities between patents.
You enter a street address, index or city and state in a simple template and click the MapIt! button.
Siemon products include high-performance category 6A and 7A twisted pair copper cabling systems, MapIT G2 intelligent infrastructure management (IIM) as well as 10, 40 and 100-Gigabit-ready, plug and play fibre optic cabling systems.<p>IBM's PMDC is a high-density containerised data centre solution that allows IBM clients to quickly and easily create or expand existing data centre floor space without major construction or building retrofit.