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MAPK13Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase 13
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We suppose that components of the MAPK- and PI3K/mTOR/PTEN-signalling cascades (FOS, MAPK7, MAPK13, MAP2K1, MTOR, PI3CA, PTEN, RHEB, RPS6KB1, and TP53) play an important role in cell motility [35, 36] and represent functional modules of this interactive network.
Expression of the MAPK13 gene is commonly upregulated in psoriasis [65].
They have included also genes indirectly involved in proliferation, like transcription factors (Jun), growth factors, and its receptors (Igf 1 and Egfr) and intracellular metabolic pathways proteins or their activators (Mapk13, Map3k8--mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase 8).
At the time, no drugs existed that could act against MAPK13, but several were able to inhibit a similar enzyme, MAPK14.
The hierarchical cluster analysis showed that the 2 malignancies had characteristic DNA methylation patterns and in addition, among the DNA hypermethylated genes, 3 (TMEM30B, KAZALD1, and MAPK13) were specifically methylated only in pleural MM, thus potentially serving as diagnostic markers.