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MAPK9Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase 9
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In the hypothalamus of 45-day-old cockerels, 246 overexpressed genes were related to neurogenesis (MAPK9, HNC1, APOD, TCF7, POU3F1, GBX1, and KNCNQ2), neurological signal transmission (RIMS4, SV2C, CNTNAP2, GRM5, MAGI2, SV2B, CYSLTR1, SLC5A7, and CHRNB3), and neurotransmitter secretion (SYTL5, WNT7, SLC1A, SYN3, GAD1, SYNJ1, SYT9, SCL5A7, OTOF, and RAB3C) (see Figure S2,
Similarly, five genes including TOP2A, REL, SHH, ROS1, and CHEK2 in colon cancer gene network and three genes including RBL1, MAPK9, and PIK3CA in adenocarcinoma of lung gene network are selected.
The mammalian MAPK family consists of ERK, p38, and JNK with each member having several isoforms: ERK1 to ERK8; p38a (MAPK14), p38fi (MAPK11), p38g (MAPK12), and p38S (MAPK13); and JNK1 (MAPK8), JNK2 (MAPK9), and JNK3 (MAPK10).