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MAPPAMulti-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (UK)
MAPPAMid-Atlantic Promotional Products Association (est. 1986; Virginia Beach, VA)
MAPPAMedicinal and Aromatic Plants Program in Asia
MAPPAMaryland Association of Prevention Professionals and Advocates
MAPPAMassachusetts Association of Public Pension Attorneys
MAPPAMaster of Arts in Public Policy and Administration (college degree)
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At a meeting of campaigners, Midlothian Council and Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements earlier this week, MAPPA officials suggested the protest be dampened down in an effort to entice councils to house Greens.
The actions needed to be linked much more specifically to the assessment of the offender's level of risk within the framework of the overall Mappa RMP (risk management plans).
The MAPPA process also includes the period an offender spends on licence supervision by Northumbria Probation Trust, after their release from prison.
MAPPA said convicted sex offenders are now subject to more checks than ever before.
In the most serious cases MAPPA can recommend increased police monitoring, special steps to protect victims and the use of closely-supervised accommodation.
Claude Knights, director of Kidscape, said: "In the last three or four years a lot of work has gone into setting up the MAPPA teams.
describes mappa as a burl from Central Europe that is white to brownish-green in color.
The cast includes Keiron Self, a founder member of Mappa Mundi who appeared in BBC comedy My Family, Richard Nichols, Francis Pandolfo and Lizzie Rogan.
Of the 455 men studied in more than a fifth of the hostels in England and Wales last month, 374 were deemed to pose a high or very high risk and 399 were being monitored by Mappa.
MAPPA enables police, local authorities, prisons and other partner agencies to work together to monitor the region's most dangerous offenders.
Isherwood Judith Williams, one of the MAPPA representatives at the meeting, said many offenders are released on licence and are stringently monitored to ensure they keep to its conditions, but there are not enough resources to monitor them 24 hours a day.
MAPPA is a well established system which is very effective in managing and reducing risk, ensuring that every possible and reasonable measure is taken to protect the public and manage the offender.