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MAPPERMaintaining, Preparing and Producing Executive Reports
MAPPERMultiple Aperture Pixel by Pixel Enhancement of Resolution
MAPPERMine Warfare Analysis Portable Planning and Evaluation Resource
MAPPERMaintaining/Preparing/Processing Executive Reports
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This acquisition also brings John North, president of Moisture Mapper, and his entire team to the growing Next Gear family.
Banks shall inform each account holder through SMS and email within 24 hours that a request has been sent to NPCI to put his bank account on the mapper or, as the case may be, to change his bank account on the NPCI mapper.
Sage brought together OHSU, a leader in melanoma research at the forefront of educating patients about current research and educational opportunities focused on early detection, prevention and survivorship through its War on Melanoma Community Registry, and Webster, who originally conceived Mole Mapper as a way for users to keep track of moles between visits to the dermatologist.
Every level of your organization will benefit from Meeting Mapper from the VP of Sales/Operations to the individual account team members.
The Mapper is a tool by which to display the data collected through UDS reports across geographic space.
ER Mapper complements Hexagon's software range and will add additional intellectual property to our group in compression technologies and image web serving technologies of geospatial imagery.
Threat Mapper currently functions as an add-in tool for ArcGIS, a commercially available GIS.
Gaming appears to be the future for Rappid Mapper, with global game sales expected to reach $25 billion this year.
The FlexMap family of mappers extends Agere's Supermapper and Ultramapper products, making Agere the industry's premier, one-stop shop for high-performance mapper devices for multi-service access networks.
Agere Systems has launched a second-generation, 8m-gate system-on-a-chip (SoC) called Ultra Mapper.
Each mapper watches up to five individuals for six continuous hours.
The white paper covers four human datasets from the Illumina GAII, Roche 454 Titanium, Life Technologies Ion Torrent PGM, and PacBioRS platforms, and benchmarks CLC bio's read mapper for performance and accuracy against the open source read mappers BWA, Bowtie2, and SMALT.