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MAPPERMaintaining, Preparing and Producing Executive Reports
MAPPERMine Warfare Analysis Portable Planning and Evaluation Resource
MAPPERMultiple Aperture Pixel by Pixel Enhancement of Resolution
MAPPERMaintaining/Preparing/Processing Executive Reports
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Each mapper in phase 2 then starts scanning the transactions and performs sorting the transactions based on the information gathered from first phase and eliminates the infrequent items based on the minimum support value.
Streamlining workflow from field to finish, Zia Mapper is an industry-groundbreaking software technology startup developed by land development professionals for land development professionals.
Banks shall inform each account holder through SMS and email within 24 hours that a request has been sent to NPCI to put his bank account on the mapper or, as the case may be, to change his bank account on the NPCI mapper."
In the proposed method mapper phase runs the standard k-means++ initialization algorithm.[3]The k-means++ initialization method algorithm includes two dependent phases: 1) choosing one point as a center based on the probability, and 2) updating the sum of the distances from all the points to their nearest center.
- US-based nonprofit biomedical research organisation Sage Bionetworks, the Oregon Health and Science University and collaborator Dan Webster, PhD, a cancer biologist at the National Cancer Institute have launched Mole Mapper, a patient-centered iPhone-app based study to quantitatively track moles and help detect early signs of the deadly skin cancer melanoma, the team said on Thursday.
Since the first earthquake struck Nepal on 25th April, 3569 volunteers mappers from around the world have edited 62058 maps, 26954 segments of road and 228281 buildings in the Open Street Map database, with volunteer efforts coordinated by the Humanitarian Open Street Map Team.
Launching in January 2015, NASA's next mission to study Earth is a soil moisture mapper know as SMAP (Soil Moisture Active Passive).
Two of the authors proceeded to become Mappers for the project (the first author was referred to as the Chief Mapper in this paper).
More specifically, we use a Mapper to divide large video files into small ones.
This task is conveniently done with a quasi-two-dimensional (quasi-2D) field mapper in microwave frequencies which is firstly developed by Justice et al.
SolarWinds (NYSE: SWI) said its network mapping and discovery solution, SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper (NTM) 2.0, has extended its discovery and connection of virtual hosts beyond VMware vSphere to include virtual machine mapping for Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Hyper-V, enabling complete mapping visibility of network and virtual resources.