MAPPPMulti-Agency Public Protection Panel (UK)
MAPPPMaltreatment and Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenting Program (University of Missouri-Columbia)
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The cleavage probability of specific fragments from BCG_0092 protein was determined by MAPPP.
The prediction also was performed by MAPPP (21) which combines existing prediction tools for proteasomal processing and MHC class I anchoring.
He was fortunate to gain employment locally and his monitoring was reduced accordingly following discussion at a further MAPPP meeting.
While on licence, joint monitoring will continue with regular MAPPP reviews.
The probation service said a risk assessment would also have been carried out by MAPPP -an agency which monitors all sex offenders.
The MAPPP said that last year, 20 people were convicted or cautioned for ignoring the rules of the Sex Offenders Register.
The figures were contained in the first ever annual report detailing the work of MAPPPs set up in the region to protect the public from sexual and violent offenders, published yesterday.