MAPPPSMissoula Adolescent Pregnancy, Parenting, and Prevention Services (Missoula, MT)
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But Napo's assistant general secretary Harry Fletcher said there were major flaws in the way MAPPPs operate.
Mr Fletcher added: 'There is a serious concern that MAPPPs are not individually resourced.'
A joint report by the Chief Inspector of Constabulary and Chief Inspector of Probation last December concluded there were significant failings among the MAPPPs.
We have a Mappp meeting to discuss the most dangerous.
Mr Eastham said that last year, 80 Mappp meetings were held for Merseyside.
``Just last week, we held a Mappp meeting about a guy who was Mr Respectable in his community.
The participants were told that MAPPPs provide arrangements for assessing risks posed by certain offenders.
Such means include establishing a consistent national strategy -- as evidenced by creation of the National Probation Directorate's Dangerous Offenders Unit in the Home Office -- to monitor and guide local police and probation units in the implementation of the strategy and encouraging effective multiagency collaboration, especially in the area of police-probation partnerships as demonstrated by the creation of MAPPPs. The emphasis on scrutiny of the process, enforcement of court orders and promulgating best practices in the assessment and supervision of high-risk offenders is considered key in the provision of public protection.
Of those, 63 are deemed such a high risk to the public that their cases are managed by a special Multi-Agency Public Protection Panel (MAPPP).