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Las medias de las notas de los grupos antes de la disciplina fueron similares, grupo Apre con (MApre)= 5,34 [+ or -] 1,48; grupo Bpre (MBpre)= 5,40 [+ or -] 1,18, y despues de la disciplina el grupo Apost (MApost)= 6,02 [+ or -] 1,14 y grupo Bpost (MBpost)= 7,00 [+ or -] 0,78.
The averages of the marks of both groups pre-discipline were similar, group Apre with (MApre)= 5,34; DPApre= 1,48; group Bpre with (MBpre)= 5,40; DPBpre= 1,18.
Nobody was available to discuss the case at Spanish insurance company Mapre's head office.
A new fixed-head device for single-screw extruders, developed by Mapre of Belgium, (represented in the U.S.
Mapre, which recently added single-screw extruders to its established twin-screw line, brought to the show a new "Micro" series single screw for low outputs.