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Conventional echocardiography has described the increase in LV internal dimensions during diastole (> 54 mm) and systolic dimensions (> 45 mm), LV mass (> 70 +/- 9), LV end diastolic volume (> 142 +/- 21 mL), LV end systolic volume (>41+/-10 mL), EF by Simpson's modified method (< 30%), FS (< 15%), MAPSE (< 12 mm), average TDI of all the walls of LV (<9cm/s), Tie index (> 0.4).
Deviation LVEDD 41.82 4.83 LVESD 27.28 4.82 IVSD 9.44 1.38 PWD 9.40 1.35 EDV 76.58 22.39 ESV 29.38 13.19 EF 61.74 9.03 FS 33.38 6.00 LV_MASS 90.64 37.18 MAPSE 22.38 4.05 Average Systolic TDI 9.84 1.54 Mean Std.
As for 'pulsed' Doppler echocardiography findings, the carditis group in this study had significantly higher mitral A and tricuspid E velocities and lower mitral annulus E/A ratio and MAPSE. These patterns show that there is a subclinical diastolic dysfunction of LV (18).
MAPSE was obtained by putting the cursor along the mitral ring and measuring the difference between the highest and lowest point of the M-mode sinusoid wave.
MAPSE in the study group was much lower than in the control group (1.2 [+ or -] 0.4 cm vs.
The present study found that the values of MAPSE and Sa were lower in septic shock patients with normal LVEF than in nonsepsis patients.
Therefore, the assessment of long-axis function provides a simple and fast evaluation of the LV systolic function that is especially useful for ICU patients without an optimal image.[sup][20] The value of MAPSE in the study group, although still within the normal range, was much lower than that in the control group.[sup][21] Because the echo examination can be performed at least once per day, continuous monitoring of MAPSE to detect a decrease in the value is completely feasible in the critical care setting.
In addition, reproducibility and standardization of reference values are not uniform across echocardiography systems because manufacturers use different algorithms.[sup][24] However, MAPSE, also representing longitudinal function, will be easier to obtain and will be less influenced by the image and technology.
Third, we did not investigate the longitudinal function of septic shock patients whose LVEF was below 50%; therefore, we failed to explain if the MAPSE and Sa would continue to decrease to an even lower level as the LVEF drops to a value of <50%.
In the heart function appraisal of septic shock patients with normal LVEF, more attention should be given to longitudinal function parameters such as MAPSE and Sa.
Mean relative increases of MAPSE, GLS, and twisting by STE were 11%, 10%, and 22% (Figure 1).
In fact, the study of LV performance showed an increase of longitudinal function, with an increase of MAPSE and GLS, and a remarkable enhancement of LV Twisting (Figure 2).