MAPTMicrotubule-Associated Protein Tau
MAPTMissed Approach Point (aviation)
MAPTMulti-Attribute Prioritisation Tool
MAPTMaintenance Activation Planning Team
MAPTMulti-Agency Project Team (UK)
MAPTMassachusetts Association for Pupil Transportation
MAPTMulti-attribute Arthritis Prioritisation Tool (Australia)
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MAPT genetic variation and neuronal maturity alter isoform expression affecting axonal transport in iPSC-derived dopamine neurons.
MAPT also sponsors the annual Michigan School Bus Driving Championship where drivers are tested on their skills behind the wheel and their knowledge of proper school bus procedures.
2008) for the MAPT is a good example as seen in previous sections.
An analysis of the cis-effects showed that several genetic variants in the MAPT region showed a significant association to the expression of multiple nearby genes, including gene LOC644246, the duplicated genes LRRC37A and LRRC37A2 and the gene DCAKD.
Briefing by the MAPT team of the forward translators and checkers
7) Sin embargo, la identificacion de mutaciones en ocho genes diferentes (SNCA, (8) PARK, (9) UCHL, (10) DJ1, (11) PINK, (12) LRRK2, (13) HTRA2 (14) y MAPT (15)) y de otras seis regiones cromosomicas candidatas (PARK, (16) PARK4, (17) PARK9, (18) PARK10, (19) PARK11 (20) y PARK12 (21)) asociadas con la enfermedad resalta la importancia etiologica de los factores geneticos.
En 1998 se encontro que el gen implicado en la DFTP-17 era el MAPT, que codifica para la proteina tau (31).
However, not all families who showed linkage to the same region on chromosome 17 had mutations in MAPT, suggesting that mutations in at least one other gene were responsible for the disease in these patients.
MAPT and Myanma Export and Import Services (MEIS) are the two main state agencies with a near-monopoly over the buying and marketing of paddy in Burma.
Las de velocidades de ataque (corrosividad del medio) en los electrodos de puesta a tierra en suelos naturales y MAPT, se estimaron a partir de las curvas de polarizacion electroquimicas para 18 muestras.
It is part of the MAPT (Multidomain Alzheimer Preventive Trial) study whose main objectives are to assess, over 3 years, the comparative efficacy of a pharmacological intervention (omega-3 fatty acid supplement), a "multidomain" intervention (nutrition, physical exercise, cognitive stimulation, and social activities), or their association on the evolution of the cognitive functions in frail individuals aged 70 or more.
APOE, MAPT, and COMT and Parkinson's disease susceptibility and cognitive symptom progression.