MAPTSMining and Petroleum Training Service (University of Alaska)
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Most of the people who participate in MAPTS oil and gas training courses are Alaskan, according to the program's executive director.
The MAPTS mining program is camp-based, two weeks on and two weeks off, and students practice operating heavy equipment and all the other skills they need to thrive on the job.
To do that, Bieber says, MAPTS works closely with employers to make sure students have a preliminary offer of employment prior to training.
With that in mind, MAPTS has added a soft-skills training module specifically designed to teach students how to turn a job into a career.
Steffy says the next project for MAPTS is to develop a training facility for surface mining with the same hands-on features as the underground training now offered in Juneau--classroom work, practice on simulators and then practicing on real machines in real-life conditions.
During Steffy's 33-year tenure, MAPTS has provided training to more than 100,000 students.