MAQCMicroarray Quality Control Project (FDA)
MAQCMulti-Access Quantum Channel
MAQCMathematical Aspects of Quantum Chaos
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The performance characteristics achieved in the MAQC study were due to the presence of internal standards (ISs) within a Standardized Mixture of Internal Standards (SMIS[TM]) in every measurement.
In phase two, MAQC researchers expect to spend two years determining whether various genomic "biomarkers" can reliably predict a disease's likely progression in a certain patient, and which drug should produce the safest and best treatment result.
For the MAQC main study, seven microarray platforms were deployed at three independent test sites and five replicates were assayed at each site using commercially available standard reference total RNA samples.
National Center for Toxicological Research, FDA, is expected to present the results of the newly released MAQC project during a keynote panel presentation on Monday, September 25 at 4:00 PM ET.
Participation in the MAQC consortium demonstrates Asuragen's commitment to quality processes and results through its service offerings.
Reid stated, "The MAQC project provides confidence in a variety of RNA expression technologies.
The MAQC project successfully compared multiple whole-genome gene expression profiles across various commercial platforms at an unprecedented scale.
The MAQC project represents a key step towards establishing the use of microarrays in the discovery, development and review of FDA-regulated products," said Robert Bondaryk, PhD, General Manager of Cogenics.
The MAQC study has demonstrated that by practicing good scientific method in the laboratory, researchers can obtain accurate, reproducible data from microarrays," said Janet Warrington, Ph.
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