MAQCMicroarray Quality Control Project (FDA)
MAQCMulti-Access Quantum Channel
MAQCMathematical Aspects of Quantum Chaos
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MaqC says he felt some sort of pressure to propose, though he was not ready, until Christmas Day in 2009.
MaqC says the proposal was not planned, he just had a 'moment' and it felt right to do it then.
In October 2014, MaqC and Waithera's paths crossed, and it was the beginning of repairing their broken marriage.
But Waithera says she went for the coffee date to tell MaqC she wanted a divorce.
By the end of the meeting, MaqC had been able to secure a meeting to see his son for the first time since the two separated.
Section 2 discusses the MAQC dataset and the proposed imputation schemes.
The MAQC experiments and datasets are fully described by Shi [14].
[10], we examine the following missing data analysis methods for the MAQC dataset:
The MAQC project allows researchers to study a variety of microarray aspects including comparisons of one-color and two-color arrays [28], reproducibility [14,15, 29], removal of batch effects [30], and determining differentially expressed genes [31].
We choose a set of cutting edge imputation schemes to apply in the MAQC datasets.
Based on the MAQC study, the increased replicate variation at low expression levels was a consequence of natural phenomena, specifically platform-independent stochastic random sampling error (12).
[7] Nonstandard abbreviations: TA, transcript abundance; StaRT-PCR, standardized reverse transcription PCR; MAQC, MicroArray Quality Control Consortium; IS, internal standard; SMIS, Standardized Mixture of Internal Standards; ACTB, [beta]-actin.