MAQSMuseum of the American Quilter's Society
MAQSMetropolitan Air Quality Study (Environment Protection Authority; Australia)
MAQSManagement Architecture for Quality of Service
MAQSMauritius Association of Quantity Surveyors
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MAQS was evaluated through real-world system deployment and a user study.
This section gives a high-level overview of the MAQS system architecture and describes its key components.
They were thus the first sensors we used when developing and evaluating the MAQS system.
In MAQS, we define an area with high density of people as a zone.
Two meters is therefore used as the range threshold of zones in the MAQS system.
In MAQS, we use the received signal strength indication (RSSI) from the Bluetooth radio to estimate distance.
MAQS 2 complements Oxoid's existing range of products for the food industry, which includes products for the microbiological testing of foods, surfaces, water and other liquids.
Oxoid's MAQS can be used manually or programmed for a delayed-start sampling; has extended battery life, and performs its task quickly and quietly.
The MAQS features touch pad controls; an infra-red remote control, and a display screen.