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MARBMarch Air Reserve Base (California)
MARBMarine Assistance Request Broadcast
MARBMetropolitan Area Rover Ball (Australia)
MARBThomas L Martin Building (Brigham Young University campus)
MARBMateriel Acquisition Review Board
MARBMount Ayr Restoration Branch (Mt Ayr, IA)
MARBMemory Address Register Bus
MARBManeuverable Reentry Body
MARBMary Ann Redmond Band
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El segundo grupo de cartas fueron escritas por MARB despues de haber residido en Nueva York, despues de haber estado alli durante un periodo cercano a los diez anos.
Some are based permanently in Marbs while others descend on the Spanish holiday resort for fun in the sun.
It looks like Marbs is so 2013 as Joey and his crew headed to Ocean Beach on the island instead for the island instead for a lads' holiday.
A lot of them don't really go to Marbs anymore, so the show needed to keep up with their holiday destinations.
It's called Life On Marbs and it's the same old structured reality dross, on ITVBe, following the semi-scripted lives of loadsamoney mockney clones showing off their wealth, plastic surgery and cast-iron twerpery on the Costa del (ar)Sol.
Life on Marbs regulars Cassie Anne Rowan, Natalie Richardson and Danni Levy demonstrate some of their carefree lifestyle, ahead of next week's launch of the programme on ITVBe
WE have teamed up with Esteem Beauty of Glasgow to offer readers the chance to feel like a beach babe by winning a fabulous Marbs Makeover.
Sounds like mega-buff Joss, who's appeared on ITV's Life on Marbs and MTV's Ex On The Beach, wants a piece of the fame pie.
Life on Marbs will also feature some of the most talked-about and exclusive hotspots in the chic, Costa del Sol town including Golden Tarts Beauty Salon, Newscafe, Plaza Beach Club and La Cabane Beach Resort.
SUNDAY, ITV2, 10PM The Only Way Is Marbs The tans and banter are back as TOWIE returns with a Marbella two-parter.