MARCENTU.S. Marine Corps, Central Command
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In practice, of course, the senior element commanders (and the USF-I Military Justice Division) coordinated closely with the various CENTCOM service component commands (e.g., AFCENT, ARCENT, MARCENT, NAVCENT).
(158) This would have followed coordination with the appropriate service component command (e.g., AFCENT, NAVCENT, ARCENT, MARCENT, SOCCENT).
CENTCOM's service components (ARCENT, MARCENT, NAVCENT, CENTAF) each program, budget, execute, and have fiduciary responsibilities through their service channels.
The MARCENT AMMO officer quickly educated me on Ammunition Event Waivers, and the Army requirements for movement of munitions within Kuwait.
Just Do It." I arranged for the support request, ran the plan by CTF-53, arranged for trucks, joined up with the MARCENT AMMO officer and we all made it happen.
Again, I solicited the expertise of MARCENT Kuwait's ammo officer and CDDOC's joint munitions rep.
On 8 November, TF-58 established an N2 section (two individuals consisting of a Lieutenant Colonel from I MEF and a Major from MARCENT, Tampa) and immediately prioritized and developed the initial potential targets.
Marine Forces Central Command (MARCENT) in Tampa, Florida, and deployed for Operation ENDURING FREEDOM to support Task Force 58 during their operations in Afghanistan.
(31) After the investigation was complete, MARCENT, as the CD A, had authority to take punitive action on any cases arising out of the incident.
(38) Specifically, the MJ found that the Government failed to meet its burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that Col Ewer's presence "did not chill subordinate legal advisors from exercising independence and providing potentially contrary advice." (39) The MJ further found that the Government failed to prove that "the legal advice and recommendations of the SJA and deputy SJA of MARCENT were not improperly influenced" by Col Ewer's presence.
Thompson, commander of troops for the Marine formation, MarCent Forward.
Jessica Bauerlien," a marcher from MarCent Forward.