MARCENTU.S. Marine Corps, Central Command
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I arranged for the support request, ran the plan by CTF-53, arranged for trucks, joined up with the MARCENT AMMO officer and we all made it happen.
Again, I solicited the expertise of MARCENT Kuwait's ammo officer and CDDOC's joint munitions rep.
Mattis, as the MARCENT Commander, therefore had disposition authority for appellant's case.
That responsibility fell to LtCol Riggs as the MARCENT SJA.
39) The MJ further found that the Government failed to prove that "the legal advice and recommendations of the SJA and deputy SJA of MARCENT were not improperly influenced" by Col Ewer's presence.
the appearance that the MARCENT SJA's legal advice may have been impermissibly influenced" by the presence of Col Ewers at MARCENT legal meetings.