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MARCIAMedicare Appeals, Regulatory and Contracting Improvements Act of 2001
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The site includes extensive student testimonials and photography to provide a more detailed overview into Marcia's music ability and teaching prowess.
The pair had arguments like any married couple, but, in June 2017, it came as a surprise when Marcia announced Howard had left her -- and moved from the area altogether.
I'd written 25 questions about Marcia and had eliminated the entire room by question four.
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Today Marcia and her youngest daughter, who she is now reunited with, are living independently in their own apartment and Marcia acts as a Peer Mentor for Threshold's current and past moms.
John, who worked as an electrical and hydraulics engineer, died in April, aged 69, from non-Hodgkins Lymphoma with Marcia by his side.
Devastated Marcia - still wearing her wedding dress - was by her side as she slipped away.
The Eulogy below was shared by Wendy Guthrie, Marcia's Manager, on the day of her funeral in the presence of her family, friends and many close colleagues.
Ironically, old timers with GNA & GNF will remember that it was exactly 16 years ago when Marcia and I were the final two candidates being considered for the CEO position.
Marcia's infectious enthusiasm for local activism started long before Trees Atlanta.