MARCITMid-America Regional Council Insurance Trust
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(1) MARCit! is an ExLibris product that generates MARC catalog records from the SFX Knowledge Base.
They are very proactive and are continually upgrading their equipment," said Todd Foster, MARCIT loss control officer.
Behind the scenes, MARCit does much of the work necessary to ensure the quality of the records it produces, according to the company.
The records MARCit creates will import into any system that can import MARC records from a floppy disk.
MARCit makes the cataloging process infinitely easier, saving the librarian time, and ensuring that much of the record is cataloged properly."
(, specializing in the school library automation market, demonstrated its newest versions of the Athena system, as well as its MARCit tool for cataloging Web sites.
The other product that Nichols recently developed, called MARCit, has become extremely popular given the widespread demand for software tools to assist with cataloging Internet resources.