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MARCKSMyristoylated Alanine-Rich C Kinase Substrate
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"If people are paying more to put gas in their cars, they have less money to come in here and eat," Marcks said.
1922, designed by Theodor Bogler (1897-1968) and Gerhard Marcks (1889-1981).
Gerhard Marcks, a sculptor and graphic artist, stepped onto the Bauhaus stage in 1919.
Marcks recommends a sequence of treatments with various filters to remove progressively smaller liquid particles.
These behaviors are fairly common in the general population, begin in adolescence, and range in frequency and damaging consequences (Teng, Woods, Twohig, & Marcks, 2002).
Dos hechos posteriores las segregaron aun mas: la clausura del Taller de Encuademacion, en 1922, y la decision de Gerhard Marcks, director del Taller de Ceramica, de "no aceptar mujeres en el taller, por el bien de ellas y por el bien del taller".
Among the three proteins, we selected MARCKS (Myristoylated Alanine Rich C-Kinase/ protein kinase-c Substrate) as the first target and conducted further investigation.
Prudential Financial Inc (NYSE:PRU) declared on Tuesday that Phil Waldeck takes over as president and chief executive officer of Prudential Retirement, a division of the company from 5 June 2017, succeeding the retiring Christine Marcks. Also, Yanela Frias will succeed Waldeck as head of Investment & Pension Solutions.
(1)-Bagatini, A.; Trindade, R.D.; Gomes, C.R.; Marcks, R.
Junto a todo ello, los estudios de Luca Falciola, Daniel Kaiser y Holger Marcks o Alberto Martin Alvarez ofrecen distintas perspectivas de analisis de la expansion transnacional de las ideas y formas de accion de la izquierda revolucionaria en distintos casos de estudio: Estados Unidos, Italia, Francia y America Central.
Blastema and AEC formation are dependent on the activation of some unknown signals and several known signals such as ionic fluxes, nitric oxides, MARCKs protein, and trophic factors (e.g., the FGF, TGF, and BMP families) [22, 23] in the wound that consequently promote the formation of the blastema and the AEC.
Myoblast migration is prevented by a calpain-dependent accumulation of MARCKS. Biology of the Cell., 95: 615-623.