MARCORSYSCOMMarine Corps Systems Command
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With some upgrades to existing systems, a couple of new starts and some prayers for the money to meet as yet unfunded requirements, MARCORSYSCOM hopes a few additional programs can fill out the radio battalions' EW prowess.
With MARCORSYSCOM and the Department of the Navy, my role as the CIO for the Marine Corps is defining and developing appropriate terms and conditions for the hardware and software because it will be connected to the Marine Corps Enterprise Network.
Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, MARCORSYSCOM, and more speak at the event," said Event Producer Nicole Bacani.
The PacStar 4100 has been selected by the MARCORSYSCOM ECCS programme office due to its mobile communication mission support for the US Department of Defense as well as its extensive accreditations for simultaneous SIPRnet, NIPRnet, CENTRIXS and JWICS connectivity.
Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support Activity (MCTSSA)--Provides technical support to the Commander, MARCORSYSCOM, and program managers to acquire and sustain C41SR products for the operating forces.
Bryan Prosser, USMC, Program Manager, Assault Amphibious Vehicle Systems, (AAVS) MARCORSYSCOM
We get Navy acquisitions organizations involved--NAVSEA, NAVAIR (Naval Air Systems Command), SPAWAR, MARCORSYSCOM (Marine Corps Systems Command) and NAVSUP (Naval Supply Systems Command)--but we also have to work in the joint arena because our Navy architecture must fit into the larger joint and coalition architecture.
Buckles - Program Manager, Light Armored Vehicles, MARCORSYSCOM
MARCORSYSCOM is continuously looking for ways to improve its integrated logistics capability and overall responsiveness to the systems and equipment needs of the warfighter.
TIGER is a heterogeneous environment of HTML pages, Lotus Notes/Domino applications, and supporting database infrastructure that provides MARCORSYSCOM personnel the ability to collaborate and share information via a web-based platform.