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Marcos camp earlier criticized the resolution of the PET to withhold the original copies of the decrypted ballot images and other documents from Marcos after requiring him to pay for the costs of the decryption and the printing of the ballot images.
Conceding he is no lawyer, Marcos enumerated in detail what his battery of lawyers perceived as the pattern of bias demonstrated by the PET presiding officer.
Ten members of "Block Marcos" carried shovels during a protest rally at the gates of the National Heroes Cemetery, to reiterate their call for the exhumation of the remains of Marcos.
Mr Duterte disclosed that he once voted for Marcos as president and that his late father, a politician, had served in Marcos's cabinet.
Marcos has insisted he has nothing to apologize for, citing thousands of kilometers in roads built, an improved literacy rate and robust agricultural policy as his father's legacy, according to Bloomberg.
Marcos, who won as senator in the 2010 elections, would complete his first term as senator in 2016.
The assassination, which was blamed on the strongman, sparked a series of rallies that culminated in a civilian-backed military uprising that ousted Marcos and swept Corazon Aquino to power in 1986.
In a high-level encounter, the first break point opportunities of the match came for Marcos in the seventh game, when the combination of an excellent forehand lob from Marcos and a double fault from Federer gave Marcos a 15/40 lead.
Henck's well-written and well-researched study of Marcos is augmented by more than twenty interviews granted by Marcos since 1994.
If these two families reconciled, there will be a miracle for the Philippines," Marcos said on local television.
To judge from the response at Cannes, audiences were far more disturbed by a scene of stolid, not untender, conjugal relations between Marcos and his thick-necked, rotund senora.
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