MARCOTMaritime Combined Operations Training (aka Maritime Coordinated Operational Training)
MARCOTMaritime Coordinated Operational Training (aka Maritime Combined Operations Training)
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In a statement, President of Prism International Pierre Marcot said that a major sound and light project will be implemented in the Pyramids and surrounding areas extending across 10,000sqm.
ROY MARCOT, REMINGTON, "America's OLDEST GUN Maker" 149 (James W.
This identifying characteristic is manifested in the ensemble's last project, which relies on musicological research as well as contemporary music creation: Focused on Carlo Gesualdo and his Sacrae Cantiones for six or seven voices -- which was incomplete but has recently been restored by Marc Busnel from the Centre d'Eetudes Superieures de la Renaissance in Tours -- the project also includes original music by composer and contralto Caroline Marcot, commissioned by La Main Harmonique.
The tragulids are the most primitive representatives of the extant ruminants (Janis 1984; Scott and Janis 1993; Hassanin and Douzery 2003; Marcot 2007; Agnarsson and May-Collado 2008).
Add to them another unchallenged bible, Ma user Bolt Rifles by Ludwig Olson, The Winchester Book by George Madis, Remington: America's Oldest Gunmaker by Roy Marcot and you're beginning to sense a trend here.
Combining different sources of knowledge is possible because BNs are able to, in a mathematically coherent manner, incorporate data with different accuracies and from different sources, allowing the combination of data measured on different levels of accuracy to be undertaken (Marcot et al.
WHERE: Marcot Road, Solihull WHAT: Well located three bedroom semidetached bungalow in need of some updating.
AUC values [less than or equal to] 0.5 indicate models which provide more incorrect than correct predictions, whereas a value of 1.0 indicates no error in the predictions (Marcot 2012).
Jean-Paul Marcot, "Abd El-Kader et la modernite" [177-201]
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