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MARCSMulti Agency Radio Communications System
MARCSMid Arkansas Radio Control Society, Inc.
MARCSMatching, Review and Coding System (US Census Bureau)
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MARCS will supply a communications backbone for statewide public safety and emergency management in a single system shared by several state agencies.
The MARCS are a class of convertible preferred stock that is mandatorily convertible four years after issuance into common stock of the corporation, unless earlier converted by the holder into common stock or redeemed for common stock by the corporation.
And we believe the experience we are gaining with MARC will lay the groundwork for multi-application cards not just in the military but in the private sector as well.
With MARC, you won't trade excellence in functionality for interoperability.
The first warehouse to incorporate the MARC system, located outside of Mexico City, is dedicated to "big ticket" items, such as furniture, major appliances, carpeting and electronics.