MARDIVMarine Division
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23 Nov 06--A corporal from 2ND BN, 5TH MAR, 1ST MARDIV died when his vehicle was struck by a drunk driver.
09 Nov 06--A corporal from 4TH MARDIV, 4TH RECON BN, suffered fatal injuries as a passenger in a speeding vehicle driven by a lance corporal who ran into the back of a tractor-trailer.
27 Oct 06--A PFC from 2D Battalion, 6th Marines, 2D MARDIV suffered fatal injuries when the car he was driving veered across three lanes of traffic, struck a traffic barrier, and then veered back across the traffic.
The DASC and the MARDIV's operations officer for air controlled all aircraft that entered Fallujah but gave the ASOC unfettered access to all its network servers and chat rooms, providing liaison officers around-the-clock and allowing ASOC officers and technicians to move air assets in anticipation of MARDIV requirements.
The key players at the 1st MARDIV, MNC-I, and ASOG worked for weeks to solve the top-level DASC/ASOC problem, but they failed to identify doctrinal disconnects between Marine regimental and battalion air officers and their Air Force counterparts, waiting until late in the game to assemble the 29-man Air Force team that accompanied the heavy Army units into the city.