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Along with the restive south, Mareb is among a few provinces that have not been fully controlled by Al Houthis.
They identified Ali Jabir al-Shabwani, an al Qaeda leader who operates in Mareb, as leading the attack, AL HAYAT said.
The next strike is expected to be on Mareb, the main stronghold of Al Qaida and its leadership.
A WB mission has stressed the importance of a precise and comprehensive allocation of gas quantities at various fields to produce power by the Mareb Gas Power Plant as well as identifying plants to be established and supplied with gas at the block 18th.
No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, but police in Mareb said they had received information last month about a possible al Qaida attack.
During the meeting, the Governor of Mareb Province conveyed the Yemeni government and people's appreciation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its support the Yemeni security and stability.
Hadi was briefed on the latest developments on the field level through efforts of national army forces and popular resistance in Taiz and Mareb governorates.
The car was carrying Al Qaida militants and driving in the a desert area between Mareb and Jawf.
The electrical lines sustained the attacks just one day after repairs were made to lines in Mareb where the Al-Damashiqa tribe targeted the Gas Power Station last Saturday.
The government has recently deployed military troops in the lawlessprovince of Mareb to protect gas and oil pipelines from saboteurs who frequently target the pipelines to get concessions from government.
A number of tribes in Mareb have declared their allegiance to Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, the leader of the Houthis, reported the Saudi-backed ASHARQ AL AWSAT Monday, citing well-connected tribal sources.
This year more than 2,200 brides and grooms from seven governorates (Hadramout, Aden, Taiz, Shabwa, Mahra, Al-Jawif, Mareb and Abean) tied the knot in the festival that started in April 13.