MAREIAMid-Atlantic Real Estate Investors Association (Owings Mills, Maryland)
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Cuando fue a lavarse, un de sus muchachos preferidos, andando por la recamara y por la cama, encontro la lista, y saliendo con ella en la mano, encontro a Mareia, ella se la quito y al leerla, vio su contenido y rapidamente mando llamar a Leto y Eleto; al conocer los tres el peligro en que estaban, decidieron evitarlo, y sin dar tiempo a nada, esa misma noche asesinaron a Comodo" (N.
S'appuyant sur cette similarite de procedures, Mareia Ascher propose ainsi une definition generale de la divination: un processus de prise de decision qui utilise un mecanisme aleatoire impliquant la manipulation d'objets et generant un ensemble fini de resultats distincts (Ascher 2002b: 5).
In 1922, Mussolini and thousands of Black Shirts marched on Rome {la Mareia su Roma), a demonstration that forced the government out of power.
Applebaum and his wife, Mareia, supported health, education, and arts and culture in Greater Detroit for decades with gifts to institutions including Wayne State University, the University of Michigan and its entrepreneurial programs, the Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Michigan Opera Theatre and Beaumont Health.
Elaine Lambert Lupus Foundation via the John and Mareia Goldman Foundation and previously receiving salary support through a lupus-related grant from the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation.
Mareia Pearson answered questions and gave out vegan information at Everett Community College Food Day in Washington State and Karen Peissinger tabled at the University of Buffalo (NY) Sustainability Fair.
In between question and answer, Aira immerses readers in Mareia and her world.
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En los anos noventa aparecieron en Chile dos testimonios sumamente controvertidos de ex militantes de izquierda, El infierno de Luz Arce y Mi verdad de Mareia Alejandra Merino.
Second, some sophomores do not want to think about career development, do not know they need to be thinking about it, or they have foreclosed on further exploration due to ignorance, apathy, or resignation (Mareia, 1966).
Nellie's granddaughter, Mareia McClung, said she felt her grandmother would fully approve of this dynamic depiction of her work.