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MARENAMinisterio del Ambiente Y Recursos Naturales (Spanish: Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources; Nicaragua)
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Rosario Saenz, an environmental law expert and executive director of the Fundacion Nicaraguense para el Desarrollo Sostenible (Nicaraguan Foundation for Sustainable Development, FUNDENIC), thinks that to really improve things, the government ought to have made changes to the existing system rather than task the cash-strapped and understaffed MARENA with developing a whole new one.
Though a balance was often maintained between the interests of the chiefly class (marena) and the commoners (bafo), contestation was also part and parcel of the unfolding drama of these communities.
Classes: ballet, character, choreography, conditioning, contemporary, hip hop, jazz, modern, musical theater, partnering, pointe, progressing ballet technique, repertory; international guest artists including Marena Perez, Daniel Saez and others
The Avnet KickStart Kit will enable the broad customer base to easily see the value that SmartFusion2 can bring to their design, said Ted Marena, director of product marketing, Microsemi.
In March, Macquarie Group's Mexico Infrastructure Fund said in a filing that there was a "substantial uncertainty" over whether it would recoup its investment of more than 1.1 billion pesos ($71.31 million) due to opposition groups blocking access to its Marena Renovables wind farm in Oaxaca.
Posteriormente, para 1999 el Ministerio del Ambiente y Recursos Naturales de Nicaragua (MARENA) publica el libro "Biodiversidad en Nicaragua: Un Estudio de Pais", reportando una riqueza de 251 especies de mamiferos, 125 de las cuales corresponden a murcielagos (Zuniga, 1999).