MAREPMurray Alzheimer Research and Education Program
MAREPMarine Report (US FEMA)
MAREPMid-Atlantic Region Environmental Professionals (National Association of Environmental Professionals)
MAREPShip movement reporting scheme (Dover Straits)
MAREPMutual Association of Real Estate Practitioners (Missouri)
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The hydro-volume complexes existing in the Far Eastern region, both quantitatively and technologically, do not meet the growing needs of the aquaculture production base, explained the purpose of the project, General Director of Marep LLC Sergey Tureysky.
There are some cross-national studies primarily using data for European countries from surveys such as the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ), International Physical Activity and Environment Network (IPEN) Questionnaire, the Methodology for the Analysis of the Rationality and Effectiveness of Prevention and Health Promotion Strategies (MAREPS), and the European Physical Activity Surveillance Survey (EUPASS).