MARFORKMarine Forces Korea
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The main drivers of higher than expected CAPP--Met costs were increased use of purchased coal, which impacted the cost of coal sales per ton by approximately $2.00 and production issues at the Marfork operations due to lower than planned clean tons per foot, further increasing cost of coal sales by approximately $3.00 per ton.
Marfork encountered geology that yielded less clean tons per foot of advance.
Bonds says of her awakening as an activist, "I think it was a process that started with what was happening in Marfork Hollow.
nine generations of her family had lived in Marfork Hollow fifty miles
Bonds's new home, on a grassy, open hill some ten miles away from Marfork, is perfectly pleasant.
Included in the idles and furloughs are Marfork's Brushy Eagle, Slip Ridge Cedar Grove, Horse Creek Eagle, Allen Powellton and Coon Cedar Grove underground mines and the Marfork processing plant, all in Raleigh County, West Virginia.
In addition to the investments at the Marfork Complex, Alpha deployed capital on the slope to the new Road Fork 52 mine at its Kepler Complex, which is expected to be completed in late 2018, allowing this mine to begin production in early 2019.
The lawsuits involved mining permits at certain Aracoma, Bandmill, Highland, Kanawha Energy, Marfork, Alex Energy and Independence mines.
Another Alpha affiliate, Marfork Coal Co., notified employees that it is eliminating 68 positions across several of the company's operations and idling the Marsh Fork mine in Raleigh County, West Virginia.
2 mine, Marfork Coal's Horse Creek Eagle mine, White Buck Coal's Grassy Creek No.
At the Marfork mine in southern West Virginia, the company had recently deployed a Bucyrus-Erie 750B equipped with a 19-cu yd shovel.