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MARGMultiple Action Research Group (India)
MARGMagnetic, Angular Rate, Gravity
MARGMediterranean Amphibious Ready Group
MARGMarine Amphibious Ready Group
MARGMountaineer Area Rescue Group (Morgantown, West Virginia)
MARGMetastasis & Angiogenesis Research Group (Cardiff University; Wales, UK)
MARGMale Accessory Reproductive Gland (biology)
MARGMulti-Agency Reference Group (UK and Australia)
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Marg ERP who is the top priority for pharma industry for software solutions to their inventory and accounting management, can add a lot of value to the similar sectors in Sri Lanka.
He also announced construction of a primary school in Nagai and a middle school in Mini Marg and Qamari.
Elliot was so excited to take on the role of showing the mayor and Marg round the nursery and it was a brilliant morning had by all.
The priestly class of all religions promote this bhakti marg with the vested interest of running their business by exploiting the religious sentiments of common people.
skywalk connecting Pragati Maidan metro station and Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg.
Patkar Marg over Kemps Corner Flyover to Haji Ali junction;
Reddy , CMD, MARG Group on "Opportunities for Corporate India in building Sustainable Regional Growth Models".
von Gerkan, Marg und Partner Berliner Beauten und Projekte 1965-2005
Another notable project of MARG is the recently announced 'Tapovan", comprising of thematic luxury villas.
After discovering her own roots, including three siblings of different mothers, all of Loyalist descent through their mutual father, Marg decided to become a member of the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada.
But when I read about the many valuable contributions Marg Eckhoff has made to her area, in her dual role as practice nurse and nurse manager, I found myself wondering just what else does a nurse have to do to become a nurse practitioner (NP) if someone with this much experience does not qualify?
Several suggested that she was the Mother Teresa of Topeka, quickly adding that Marg would have been embarrassed to hear such talk.