MARHMember of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (Nutley, East Sussex, England, UK)
MARHMothers against Road Head
MARHMunicipal Affairs and Housing (Canada)
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(5) Hassiba Hadj Shahraoui, "Egypt: A Year after 'Virginity Tests', Women Victims of Army Violence Still Seek Justice," Amnesty International, Marh 9, 2012: victims-army-violence-still-seek-justice-2012-03-09.
The Raja of Marh decides to have a Shiva temple (third in the Hindu trinity) created next to the site of the (fictional) Alamgiri mosque.
Marh 27: The Mortgage Bankers Association of New York will be hosting an educational breakfast seminar focusing on "Commercial Real Estate Loan Workouts: Trends and Strategies" from 8 to 10 a.m.
Las variables cualitativas que diferenciaron facilmente las especies fueron: cerosidad del tallo (CT), antocianinas en el tallo (AT), tipo de hoja (THOJ), margen de la hoja (MARH), apice de la hoja (APHOJ), forma de la hoja (FHOJ), color del enves (CENV).
Book by November 30 for travel between December 25, 2006 and Marh 31, 2007.
He identified the crew as Captain Jeffrey Clay, who was hired by Comair in November 1999, first officer James Polehinke, who was hired in Marh 2002, and flight attendant Kelly Heyer, hired in July 2004.
Hughley, Freddy Rodriguez, Diana Marh Riva, Paul Rodriguez, el astrologo Walter Mercado y Emilio Estefan Jr.
The David Austin Memorial Chase at Punchestown in his chief target, with the pounds 20,000 EBF Novice Handicap Chase Final at Navan on Marh 13 his next outing.
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Hall (1983), "Reporting Food Price Dispersions: Some Preliminary Findings," Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 31(1, Marh): 95-104.
Tenders are invited for repair and renovation of veterinary hospital at marh