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MARIMwara Agricultural Research Institute (Indonesia)
MARIMaros Agricultural Research Institute (Indonesia)
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Mari passed away in December 2017 after her breast cancer reportedly spread to her liver, lungs, and blood.
In the new board position, Dr Mari, a renowned expert of clinical research on Parkinson's disease and movement disorders, will offer his guidance on the company's Parkinson's disease therapy programme.
It is worth-mentioning here that Justice Nawaz Mari was assassinated on January 7th 2000 in Quetta.
Throughout his life Ivanov was striving for a unified Mari literary standard, for a competitive Mari language that is lexically rich and avails of modern scientific terminology, at least in the fields of social sciences and humanities (see Iva nov 2005).
The Bhana Mari Police Station registered First Investigation Report (FIR) against the unknown kidnappers and started search operation in the area.
Soon, Keone and Mari started posting more videos on their shared channel, and their popularity steadily progressed over the next few years.
And now the nursery school Mari attends, Cylch Meithrin, Llanwnda, faces the threat of closure unless fundraisers can raise at least PS3,000 by July this year.
Today, it is only kept alive by a few folk associations - including a group in Chepstow that is proud of its annual Mari Lwyd.
As her condition worsened, Mari suffered everything from kidney failure to pneumonia and her weight dropped to seven–and–a–half stone.
The four stages that Johan van den Kerkhof uses to analyse the causes of the Mari disaster are alright up to a point.
AS bride-to-be Mari Perkins finally walked down the aisle on her wedding day, her family and friends wept openly.