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MARIAManitoba Audio Recording Industry Association (Canada; now called Manitoba Music)
MARIAMetering and Reconciliation Information Agreement (New Zealand)
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Anna Maria said she thought that it was of no consequence; but she wished that Tom Kitten would hold his head still, as it disarranged the pastry.
"I fetched as much as I could carry," replied Anna Maria.
Maria Valenzuela was rich--richer than I, who am accounted very rich in Ecuador.
"You travel for pleasure--no?" said Maria Valenzuela; and she looked at him as only Maria Valenzuela could look, her eyes warm with the promise.
The speaker, at the same time that she shrunk in a kind of sensitive horror from this exhibition of human infirmities, now unconsciously stopped, with an interest in the man that she could not controul, and thus compelled Maria to pause also.
Seymour Delafield," said Maria. The silent bow and courtesy that followed this introduction was succeeded by an animated discourse between the gentleman and his old acquaintance, which was, but seldom interrupted by any remark from their more retiring companion.
But Maria Silva read a different tale in the hollow cheeks and the burning eyes, and she noted the changes in them from day to day, by them following the ebb and flow of his fortunes.
Amelia and Agatha may do for Maria and me, but here is nothing for your sister, Mr.
When they ascended the steps to the hall, Maria's alarm was every moment increasing, and even Sir William did not look perfectly calm.
But my niece there, Maria Spofford, has taken a fancy to go.
"He selected me and my money at any rate; he didn't choose you and yours," replied Maria, tossing up her head.
Day after day, when school was over, and the pupils gone, did Nathaniel Pipkin sit himself down at the front window, and, while he feigned to be reading a book, throw sidelong glances over the way in search of the bright eyes of Maria Lobbs; and he hadn't sat there many days, before the bright eyes appeared at an upper window, apparently deeply engaged in reading too.