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MARIAManitoba Audio Recording Industry Association (Canada; now called Manitoba Music)
MARIAMetering and Reconciliation Information Agreement (New Zealand)
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A prettier foot, a gayer heart, a more dimpled face, or a smarter form, never bounded so lightly over the earth they graced, as did those of Maria Lobbs, the old saddler's daughter.
Nathaniel Pipkin's heart beat high within him, when he saw this enticing little couple some hundred yards before him one summer's evening, in the very field in which he had many a time strolled about till night-time, and pondered on the beauty of Maria Lobbs.
No," said Samuel Whiskers, "make it properly, Anna Maria, with breadcrumbs.
Anna Maria went down by way of the skirting-board and a window shutter to the kitchen to steal the dough.
said Maria Valenzuela; and she looked at him as only Maria Valenzuela could look, her eyes warm with the promise.
Women like Maria Valenzuela are born once in a hundred years.
One that, I dare say, he is accustomed to," said Maria, without having even taken such a look at the sufferer as would enable her to identify his colour; "he will be well enough after he has slept.
On a day when she had filled her brood with what was left in the house, Maria invested her last fifteen cents in a gallon of cheap wine.
Amelia and Agatha may do for Maria and me, but here is nothing for your sister, Mr.
Maria thought speaking out of the question, and the gentlemen did nothing but eat and admire.
A fine man he was," said Miss Maria, speaking for the first time.
He selected me and my money at any rate; he didn't choose you and yours," replied Maria, tossing up her head.