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But Maid Marian only scolds the more, and at last goes away leaving the others in sad bewilderment.
Meanwhile the real Maid Marian discovers that the venison has been sent away to Mother Maudlin's.
When Mother Maudlin comes to thank Maid Marian for her present, she is told that no such present was ever intended, and so she in anger curses the cook, casting spells upon him:
And if I be in love wi'en, so is Retty, too; and so be you, Marian, come to that.
So have you--so have we all," said Marian, with the dry frankness of complete indifference to opinion.
Seeing plainly that it would be useless to reason with her while she was in the room, Agnes hurriedly wrapped Marian in a dressing-gown, and carried her back to her mother in the drawing-room.
In half an hour more, Marian was peacefully asleep with her arm around her sister's neck.
I should have kept my promise, not happily, I am afraid, but still contentedly--" she stopped, turned her face to me, and laid her cheek close against mine--"I should have kept my engagement, Marian, if another love had not grown up in my heart, which was not there when I first promised to be Sir Percival's wife.
Don't be angry with me, Marian," she said, mistaking my silence.
And he accepted that name because Maid Marian had said it.
Why, Marian," he chided, "you talk as though you were ashamed of your relatives, or of your brother at any rate.
But, Marian, why should your Hermann be jealous of my writing poetry about my own sister?