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MARIDMTA Authorization Records In DNS (anti-spoofing email authentication mechanism)
MARIDMica-Amphibole-Rutile-Ilmenite-Diopside (geology)
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Summary: For the Indian fishermen's community in the Al Marid area of Ras Al Khaimah, the end of a week of turbulence did not bring much cheer.
General Marid Abdul Hussein told Aswat al-Iraq that 500 tribal chiefs of Tameem Tribe met and expressed their avowed rejection of the project.
A relative of the abducted named Tanveer Ahmad reached Marid Hasan chowk to handover the demanded ransom that amounted Rs.
Tomar had to withdraw after the first round of his opening bout against Marid Mutalimov of Kazakhstan due to a knee injury.
Olympic bronze medalist Sushil Kumar led the Indian charge while the other star attractions of the five-day event were Beijing Olympics silver medallist Yusup Abdusalomov of Tajikistan, Bronze medallist of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Mutalimov Marid of Kazakhstan and Silver Medalist in 2009 Senior World Wrestling Championship in Female Wrestling, Ms Orchirbat Burmaa of Mongolia.
Other evil creatures, such as the Marid, (3) inhabited the islands; the ghoul resided in the wilderness; the si'lwah dwelt in lavatories and waste areas; and the hamah4 lived in the air in the form of a flying snake (1986, 171).
Summary: The famous Syrian actor revealed that he will be participating in a combination of an Italian/Arabic film that is called "Al Marid" (The Follower)
They discussed Hilton's ongoing expansion programmes and new projects in Ras Al Khaimah, including the progress in the setting up of the 325-room Hilton Beach Hotel at the picturesque waterfront location at Al Marid in RAK.
Assis did not rule out Ronaldinho moving to Real Marid
Olivier Cabre,* Marc Grandadam, ([dagger]) Jean-Lou Marid, ([double dagger]) Patrick Gravier, ([dagger]) Aurelie, Prange, ([dagger]) Yan Santinelli, ([section]) Vincent Rous, ([paragraph]) Olivier Bourry, # Jean-Paul Durand ([dagger]) Hugues Tolou, ([dagger]) and Bernard Davoust **
Banaz's father Mahmod Babakir Mahmod, 51, and uncle Ari Mahmod Babakir Aga, 50, and Mohamad Marid Hama, 30, are all accused of murder between January 22 and February 6, 2006.