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MARIEMartian Radiation Environment Experiment
MARIEMid-America Regional Interpreter Education (University of Arkansas at Little Rock; Little Rock, AR)
MARIEMobile Autonomous Robot in an Industrial Environment
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The children used to laugh at me, at first; and they even went so far as to throw stones at me, when they saw me kiss Marie. I only kissed her once in my life--no, no, don't laugh!" The prince hastened to suppress the smiles of his audience at this point.
"She was very quiet always--and I remember once, when she had suddenly begun singing at her work, everyone said, 'Marie tried to sing today!' and she got so chaffed that she was silent for ever after.
"And the queen had reason for her affection, for Marie was devoted to her -- devoted to that degree that she served her as medium of intercourse with her brother, the king of Spain."
"And therefore," continued Athos, "the cardinal -- the true cardinal, the other one -- determined one fine morning to arrest poor Marie Michon and send her to the Chateau de Loches.
"The cardinal might have yielded," said Marie, "if you had addressed yourself to him, if you had pressed him.
Though Marie is clean --really clean, as the French are.
Marie opened the door and smilingly announced that dinner was served.
Marie opened her eyes, and fixed them on Tom, without rising.
Clare, mentally; but aloud he added, "Come, now, Marie, what do you think of the likeness?
{Duchesse de Berri = Marie Caroline (1798-1870), wife of Charles Ferdinand of Artois, Duke of Berry, second son of King Charles X; femme de chambre = lady's maid}
And again the thirty-six-hundredweight of horses on either side pitted its strength against the similar weight on the other side, and the seeming was that Marie was the link of woman-flesh being torn asunder.
"You take her now, Bill," he told Marie's husband, as, telegram in hand, he returned to the problem of Michael.