MARIMMalaysian Association of Risk and Insurance Management (Selangor, Malaysia)
MARIMMulti-Agency Racial Incident Monitoring (UK)
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Their presence at a very early date in Castro Marim (Arruda et al., 2008: 432), in particular, could suggest an independent occurrence of this shape, as none of the Iberian examples seem to date back to the 6th century BC (Fletcher, 1957).
Jorge Raiado, owner of the Salmarim salt company-located near the salt marshes of the Castro Marim Nature Reserve, where it is collected by hand in traditional salt pans-introduces me to a wide array of salts.
Marim al Zadjali, chairperson of Dar al Atta'a, thanked everyA[degrees] one who generously contributed and donated, whether as individA[degrees] uals or as companies, and added, "It is our pleasure to have a role in the making of this laboratory in Al Khalil in Palestine to facilitate the diagnostic process and ease the financial burden on families who are forced now to send their tests abroad." She also confirmed that Dar al Atta'a will continue its volunteer work.
No ambito municipal, algumas Camaras possuem Atlas e Cartas desportivas municipais que apresentam as instalacoes que a cidade possui a disposicao da populacao bem como regulamentos que estabelecem normas de funcionamento e utilizacao dos espacos (Castro Marim, 2003; Lisboa, 2009; Porto, 2009), fato que segundo Cunha (2007) influencia a forma como estas instalacoes sao geridas, pois estes regulamentos sao instrumentos administrativos que auxiliam na gestao destes espacos.
Feeding ecology and trophic of fish species in the lower Guadiana river estuary and Castro Marim e Vila Real de Santo Antonio Salt Marh.
The chairman of the working group, Mohamed Marim, and his deputies Ali Abu Hulaiqa and Ran Ghanem, reviewed the group's final report.
Mohammed Ali Marim, the chair of the State-Building Working Group in the NDC, put it via email, "I believe that the most important success of the National Dialogue has been preserving the pride and stability of Yemen despite the difficult circumstances." Inescapably, the Southern Issue and the related questions over unity, federation or separation took center stage.
1-7 <<Facundus Hermianensis ecclesiae episcopus, duodecim libros pro defensione trium capitulorum scripsit, quorum stilo elicuit, praefata tria capitula in proscriptione apostolicae fidei et Chalcedonensis sinodi impugnatione fuisse damnata, id est, epistolam Hibae Edesseni episcopi, ad Marim Persam directam, et Theodorum Mopsuestenumm episcopum, et Theodoreti Cyri episcopi dicta>>: Pro defensione trium capitulorum (CPL 866).
One is of a woman, Marim al Bosafi, whose son Hamsa was shot dead in September 2011.
Habituados a um terra de relevo acidentado e escarpado desde a sua linha de costa, e com a obrigacao de proteger as terras recem conquistadas, os portugueses escolheram a colina de Marim, ao norte do Recife, para a fundacao de Olinda (cf.
A sede da Ordem ficou em Castro Marim, tendo passado para Tomar em 1357.