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MARINEManagement Analysis Reporting Information On the Naval Environment
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"If, on the contrary, we DO know all living kinds, we must necessarily seek for the animal in question amongst those marine beings already classed; and, in that case, I should be disposed to admit the existence of a gigantic narwhal.
Along the whole west coast, which is inhabited by a peculiar marine fauna, tertiary beds are so scantily developed, that no record of several successive and peculiar marine faunas will probably be preserved to a distant age.
With marine animals of all kinds, we may safely infer a large amount of migration during climatal and other changes; and when we see a species first appearing in any formation, the probability is that it only then first immigrated into that area.
Here were also, in some places, deposits of marine shells, indicating that this mountain crest had at some remote period been below the waves.
It is very interesting thus to find a well-characterized genus, having its marine and terrestrial species, belonging to so confined a portion of the world.
If, therefore, we except the eighteen marine, the one fresh-water, and one land-shell, which have apparently come here as colonists from the central islands of the Pacific, and likewise the one distinct Pacific species of the Galapageian group of finches, we see that this archipelago, though standing in the Pacific Ocean, is zoologically part of America.
I have remarked that the marine Amblyrhynchus was larger at Albemarle Island than elsewhere; and M.
'Oh, hang your taboo,' says the nautical sportsman; 'talk taboo to the marines'; and bang went the piece again, and down came another victim.
"You mean the retired sergeant of Marines," said Sherlock Holmes.
"I was about to be mustered into the Royal Marines when he fell."
For in their succorless emptyhandedness, they, in the heathenish sharked waters, and by the beaches of unrecorded, javelin islands, battled with virgin wonders and terrors that Cooke with all his marines and muskets would not willingly have dared.