MARIPMaintenance & Repair Inspection Program
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But in many cases, we lack the necessary skills and tools to do so,'' said Marip, 45, secretary general of Kachin National Organization-Japan.
Marip belongs to the Kachin ethnic minority, who she said were persecuted more severely by the junta than by the ethnic majority in the country.
As she was short on job qualifications in Japan, notwithstanding her language skills, Marip was hopping around part-time jobs to survive until she and her husband, also from Myanmar, opened a barbecue restaurant in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward.
Given her experiences, Marip said she would like to see better education and more diverse career training options, especially for language learning, for her displaced compatriots so that they can take on jobs with more career opportunities.
But Marip said she is concerned that Japan might just bring in refugees with their own problems and without any arrangements for them beyond basic aid.