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MARKMini Asymmetric Radial Keratotomy
MARKMicrotubule Affinity Regulating Kinase (neuropathology)
MARKManaging Requirements Knowledge (IEEE conference)
MARKMid-Atlantic Ridge at the Kane Fracture Zone
MARKMaintenance & Reliability Kit
MARKMechanized Accounting and Record Keeping (GE)
MARKMoultrie Amateur Radio Klub (Moultrie, IL)
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Mark, the Bronze Horses, and the famous Lion of St.
Mark's is not the oldest building in the world, of course, but it seems the oldest, and looks the oldest--especially inside.
I knew, for Uncle Mark had told me, that his name was Jonas Blake, that he was a Theological Student from St.
Of twenty-four arrows, shot in succession, ten were fixed in the target, and the others ranged so near it, that, considering the distance of the mark, it was accounted good archery.
"It is a mark that I have found before now," answered the young bowman.
He has called up the North Banks Mark Boat, a few hundred miles west, and is reporting the case.
But if he had put his rifle to his shoulder with evil intent God would have punished him for it; and even if the Lord didn’t, and he had missed his aim, I know one that would have given him as good as he sent, and better too, if good shooting could come into the ‘count.” By this time the old hunter was ready for his business, and throwing his right leg far behind him, and stretching his left arm along the barrel of his piece, he raised it toward the bird, Every eye glanced rapidly from the marks man to the mark; but at the moment when each ear was expecting the report of the rifle, they were disappointed by the ticking sound of the flint.
She said that a thousand and a thousand people had met him here, and had written in his book, and have his mark on them.
Another mark of substance is that it has no contrary.
Behind him pushed another giant with red hair and a bristling mustache; while the third was marked by a terrible scar across his left cheek and forehead and from a blow which had evidently put out his left eye, for that socket was empty, and the sunken eyelid but partly covered the inflamed red of the hollow where his eye had been.
I scored the bit about the Child with my pencil, and put a morsel of paper for a mark to keep the place; "Lie you there," I said, "till the marriage of Mr.
The mousing man, who bore the name of Marks, instantly stopped his sipping, and, poking his head forward, looked shrewdly on the new acquaintance, as a cat sometimes looks at a moving dry leaf, or some other possible object of pursuit.