MARK3Microtubule Affinity Regulating Kinase 3 (gene)
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Scholars had earlier hypothesised that the abnormal MARK3 gene was responsible for shrinking eyeballs common in the families studied.
Muhammad Ansar, a researchers at the Department of Genetic Medicine and Development at UNIGE said, We found a pathogenic mutation in a new gene ndash that was not linked to any disease before ndash named as MARK3 in a Pakistani family of three affected individuals.
The UNIGE researchers have collaborated with experts at Houston's Baylor College of Medicine, to genetically modify drosophilae by introducing the mutation of two copies in the MARK3 gene of the flies.
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They found mutations in MARK3 gene in a family having three affected children.
'We found a pathogenic mutation in a new gene that was not linked to any disease before named as MARK3 in a Pakistani family of three affected individuals.
But, how we can confirm that MARK3 gene can trigger the eyeball shrinking disease?
The team used Drosophila a type of fruit fly which shares 75 per cent of same genes that cause diseases in human to test the MARK3 findings.
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