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MARKUSMarkstridsutrustad Soldat (Swedish Project for Development and Acquisition of Equipment for Foot Soldiers)
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Markus also was present, participating in a panel discussion on digitization in Africa.
Mr Markus also wanted to know if the minister was aware that children from Khwai, Mababe, Sankoyo, Shorobe and Matlapana villages attend junior secondary school in Motopi village.
Fresh from performing a gig with Hollywood actor Russell Crowe, Markus spoke about his friendship with Mariah.
Markus rose to fame as one fifth of Westlife, with the band's 14 year career seeing them sell over 50 million records worldwide, achieve 14 No.
Markus, who co-wrote songs with some other band members, sang completely solo on songs like Imaginary Diva (from the World of Our Own album), Moon River (from the Allow Us to Be Frank album), Talk Me Down (from the Where We Are album) and Before It's Too Late (from the Gravity album).
Markus, who plays his first solo gig at Dublin's Olympia tonight, said: "It's about having the choice.
Markus joins the plant in the New Year from the company's headquarters in Munich.
State Secretary Markus Ederer emphasized the importance given to Asia and East Asia in German Foreign Policy.
The installation features lustre-glazed ceramic cylinders made by Markus, suspended in a way that could be likened to a giant glockenspiel.
He said: "We've been keeping tabs on Markus for two or three years and getting a player of his calibre is a real coup for this club.
Ostensibly, it is a murder mystery in which the title character, a Mi'kmaq RCMP officer named Markus Paul, seeks to unravel the truth behind a mysterious death that has remained unsolved for more than 20 years.
In January, circumstances were not quite right for Markus to move abroad but this will be different in the summer.