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The ceremony was graced by some high officials of health which included Health secretary Dr Farooq Jamil, Director Health Services Merged districts, and many other officials from the government side while from KFW side Marlis Sieburger and Dr Masuma showed their presence on the occasion.
Florian Hentschel [ID], (1) Anna Franziska Jansen, (1) Marlis Gunther, (2) Roland Pauli, (2) and Stefan Luth (1)
Marlis Petersen is a world-renowned soprano, who learned both piano and flute before becoming an opera singer--one of the world's most popular.
German soprano Soprano Marlis Petersen takes on the part of the title role.
5, the Metropolitan Opera in New York opened "Lulu" with the extraordinary soprano Marlis Petersen in the title role.
Broadway; oil painter Marlis Badalich at The Wayward Lamb, 150 W.
Miriam Maria Collard, from Arddlin, Montgomeryshire, beat 16 other entrants to win the Chair and a PS75 prize donated by Arfon and Marlis Jones for her poem, which was based on the theme of hope.
As well, L&P wishes to give special thanks to: hub14, Veronica Abrenica, Milada Disman, Henry Chan, FADO Performance Art Centre, Shannon Cochrane, Elaine Thap, Marlis Schweitzer, York University, the Performance Studies (Canada) Project, and to those who offered their homes for out-of-town L&P artists to stay--none of this could've happened without you!
I would also like to say thank you to Marlis Bruyere, Joan M.
Scholars include Jeffery Jensen Arnett, Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, Marlis Buchmann, John Coleman, William Damon, Nancy Eisenberg, Helmut Fend, Frank F.