MARMCMid Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center
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But MARMC is far from a shipyard or even a typical garage, for that matter.
MARMC can do almost any job, from lagging and sandblasting to underwater ships' husbandry, to machining a bulkhead shaft seal.
It's during this time that things shift into overdrive around MARMC, Deploying ships have priority over other jobs, and when the urgency increases, so does the unexpected work toad.
MARMC Sailors feel this is why they are welcomed whenever they step foot on the quarter-deck
But MARMC is not just about maintenance work aboard the ships.
As the Sailors are very aware, training goes both ways, and for MARMC Sailors, working at MARMC is a chance to better their own careers by gaining experience they won t get during a typical shore duty tour.
Shelly, lead electrician in the MARMC Pump Shop/935-L.