MARMSMission Assurance Risk Management System
MARMSMulti-Agency Response Management System (South Africa)
MARMSMultiplex Amplification Refractory Mutation System
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"You see, boys, I dropped in there the other night, when some of you fellers was doin' the high-toned 'thankee, marm' business in the parlor.
"I ain't a beggar, marm, an' I don't want nothin' o' you.
Can you see Marm Conant slapping him between the shoulders?
School marms with halitosis cannot see the Nefertiti fake chipped on the run by slick germans, the hawk behind Sonny Rollins' head or the ritual beard of his axe; a longhorn winding its bells thru the Field of Reeds.
Reed's "school marms" are decendants of Yeats's "kind old nun in a white hood" in "Among School Children" who teaches her students a stale, uninspiring curriculum:
The "school marms" in Reed's poem represent a perpetuation of that ignorance about other cultures personified by the untrustworthy "Egyptologists" in the previous stanza (C 17).
It is due to the invisibility of this history that the school marms cannot "see" the Nefertiti bust as a fake.
The poet-prophets form an apostolic succession, and through them history is turned back to its sources in myth, divided humanity is transformed into community.(55) This is the third cultural blind-spot of Reed's school marms.
The proposed architecture in this work will be based on the third case, precisely of the form m = n+1, which is the case where one mobile agent called MARM (Mobile-Agent-Based Association Rule Miner) is deployed to each data source.