MARNUModalités d'Application du Règlement National d'Urbanisme (French: Terms of Application of National Planning Rules)
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The following two examples illustrate comparable variation with regard to whether the benefactive marker marnu groups with the following root, or the preceding prefix.
In (44) the benefactive marker marnu attaches to the unit containing the verbal root, whereas in (45) marnu attaches to the unit containing the pronominal prefix + subordinate marker ye resulting in an open syllable.
I 720: 10: kasapka 10 mana.TA ustanabsalakkum, the literal meaning of basalum S-stem, "to let cook, to melt," does not make sense here or elsewhere (kt c/k 47: 23: "five minas of silver from the merchandise of your father, which I myself usabsilu"; BIN 4, 157: 39, marnu atam nusabsilu).