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MAROMid-Atlantic Regional Office
MAROMass Atrocity Response Operation
MAROMunicipal Agrarian Reform Officer
MAROMichigan Association of Rehabilitation Organizations
MAROMonths After Receipt of Order
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The men wore the maro, a band one foot in width and several feet in length, swathed round the loins, and formed of tappa, or cloth of bark; the kihei, or mantle, about six feet square, tied in a knot over one shoulder, passed under the opposite arm, so as to leave it bare, and falling in graceful folds before and behind, to the knee, so as to bear some resemblance to a Roman toga.
44: Maro (56), whose father, it is said, Hesiod relates to have been Euanthes the son of Oenopion, the son of Dionysus.
We're happy to play again in our nest in Tagum and we expect tomorrow to be a very good match between the two teams,' said Maro.
Poetry-loving Maro, who won a sports scholarship to top public school Harrow, is described as a "sponsor's dream".
Though MARO is a new military term, it shares many similarities with other types of Army operations.
Maro bought the land to build a 50-storey luxury apartments tower.
Most of the conventionally processed Maro seed stock will be used for Advanta's red clover blends for 2003.
Despite that, Maro said the Philippines will have a very strong chance of winning in the 8:30 p.
But yesterday around 50 remaining tenants received letters from Maro telling them to quit the site, which Maro says made a loss last year, by April 13.
Maro, owned by Matalan boss John Hargreaves, was denied permission to build its tower twice on the grounds that it would jeopardise the future of the 60 original small firms.
The Maro property offers a high exploration potential based on previous sample results.
Maro has identified a site near the city's Anglican Cathedral and wants to build a new business centre there for the displaced firms.