MARPMining and Rehabilitation Program (Australia)
MARPMost At Risk Populations
MARPMichigan Association of Railroad Passengers (Livonia, MI)
MARPMecanismo Africano de Revisão de Pares
MARPMennonite Association of Retired Persons
MARPMovimiento Agrario de la Region Pampeana (Argentina)
MARPMedication Access and Review Program
MARPMéthod Active de Recherche et de Planification Participative
MARPMinnesota Association of Rehabilitation Providers
MARPMISIL ADP Replacement Project (US DoD)
MARPMomentum At a Reasonable Price
MARPManpower Requirements Plan
MARPMultiple Appearance Redirection Prime (telecommunications)
MARPModule Approval and Review Panel (higher education; UK)
MARPMateriel Acquisition Review Process
MARPMaster of the Art Radio Production
MARPManpower Allocation/Authorization Requirement Plan
MARPMaximum Allowable Rate of Production (Canada, oilfield production regulations)
MARPMeasurement, Accounting, and Reporting Plan
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MARP has been proposed as a valid measure of joint relationships during gait cycles (Kutz and Stergiou, 2004) and might also characterize in-phase and anti-phase postural sway patterns.
ACCA chief Liz Hughesughes said it has written to the Revenue to clear up the issues surrounding the MARP process.
Uma vez que se pode construir tantos indicadores de riscos quantos forem necessarios e o resultado precisa estar dentro de limites fixos, o MARP utiliza medias geometrica e aritmetica para representar os indicadores criticos ([I.
Developed for the automotive and transportation market, MARP 200 reduces time-to-market for automotive electronics manufacturers as they develop next-generation multimedia networks.
The launch of MARP Starter Kit comes in the aftermath of MARP, a telematics development environment that was introduced last October and that laid the foundations of future automotive telematics applications.
MARP is unique in the way it is the first innovative and sophisticated available platform for car equipment manufacturers and automotive developers to design their telematics solution prototype that could then be deployed in final embedded products.
SUM II will provide and monitor small grants to qualified civil society organizations (NGOs and FBOs) to support the scale up of integrated interventions in hotspot , where there is a high concentration of one or more MARP and high-risk behavior is prevalent.
He affirmed government's commitment to implementing targeted HIV and sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevention and treatment programmes for MARPs, including MSM.
These MARPs include: Injecting drug users (IDU), poor people, and people living with HIV (PLHIV) among others.
Considering the situation within HIV/TB in the country, the USAID Health Outreach Program in partnership with the Ministry of Health intends to provide support to local partners in increasing coverage of MARPs through provision of Targeted Outreach Package of Services through dissemination of qualitative M&E techniques and providing the full complex of prevention, diagnostic and treatment friendly services on HIV/AIDS and TB counteraction.