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MARPAMini Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (small marine craft)
MARPAModification And Replacement Parts Association (aviation parts; Apache Junction, AZ)
MARPAMarion Area Rental Property Association (Ohio)
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The major names associated with this school are Naropa, Marpa Lodzava and Milarepa.
He said that Marpa, having cultivated Milarepa as a teacher, studied the Madhyamika and the Paramitas and that Milarepa cultivated Je Tsongkhapa as a teacher and studied Lam Rim.
59) and that only scholarship can prevent one from following false teachings like those of Marpa, Milarepa, and Jigten Gonpo.
Better still, plant right next to the edge and let the plants stabilize the perimeter, says Martin Mosko, principal architect with Marpa Design Studio (www.
Presenting the life stories of several enlightened masters including Tilopa, Naropa, Marpa, Milarepa, Gampopa, and others, The Great Kagyu Masters is part biography, part religious history, and part insight into principles and teachings of this dynamic path of Tibetan Buddhism.
* Builder: Site Development Studios, Costa Mesa, Calif.; Designer: Marpa Design Studio, Boulder, Colo.; Photographer: Martin Mosko.
But here, in the concluding lines of "La Vie de Marpa," Garthe relents, just a bit, from her usual difficulty and thematizes her own de-crowning and re-crowning practice; for she, like her protagonist, is a contortionist who turns so completely inside out that her house--let us call it modern culture--is in her lap: The contortionist sits, his house in his lap The junta is in the cafe doing the bursting lines Marpa seizes his Master's stick in a room of unnecessary things, plays saffron strings mist over Marpa
El 11 de abril de 1994, antes de llegar al futbol, la empresa Marpa de Pachuca, S.A., aumento su capital social de 1 millon a cuatro millones y medio, segun se asienta en la escritura 1,868.
En uno de sus numerosos ensayos sobre la traduccion, Octavio Paz nos recuerda a un monje tibetano, Marpa, maestro de Milarepa, que ostento en vida y con orgullo el significativo sobrenombre de El Traductor.
Better still, plant right next to the edge and let the plants stabilize the perimeter, says Martin Mosko, principal architect with Marpa and Associates, a Boulder, Colorado-based landscaping company.
The Kagyupa was founded by Marpa, the Skyapa was founded by Khon Konchog Gyalpo and his son Sachen Kunga Nyiingpo and the Gelugpa was founded by Tsong Khapa; and all educated lamas know this very well.
A interesting difference is here discernible between Sarkar and Tantrik gums of the past; rather than, as a test of character and preparation for spiritual initiation, having the disciples build houses out of stone only to destroy them again and again (as with Milarepa and his guru Marpa in Tibetan Tantra), Sarkar's proverbial stone houses are in fact houses for the poor and disadvantaged and do have value to society and not the self alone.