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MARPATMarine Pattern (USMC camouflage uniform)
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The Dutch Ministry of Defence's sudden reversal of the announcement that it would dissolve the MARPAT is said to have occurred under pressure from the majority of the Dutch parliament, which has decided to keep the P-3s flying until at least the beginning of 2005.
The Marines Corps tested two versions of the combat utility uniform-both produced with the new digital MarPat pattern.
STN is the only host to provide access to the abstracts in the bibliographic Chemical Abstracts databases (the Chemical Abstracts reference databases that have various file entry names, based on cost algorithms and the method of updating the databases) as well as to unique Chemical Abstracts databases, such as CAOLD and MARPAT. Some of the databases on STN allow chemical structure searching, including exact compound, substructure, and reaction searching.
CAS also produces a collection of chemical databases including the CA file, the CAS Registry file, CASREACT, CIN, and MARPAT. In addition, CAS offers software products to make online searching easier (STN Express), printed products to provide current awareness in specialized areas (CA Selects and Chemical Industry Notes), easy online access to numeric data (Materials Property Data Network), and special services to make the search for information and retrieval of documents quick and convenient (CAS Search Service and CAS Document Delivery Service).
* Both CAS' Marpat and the Merged Markush indexing available in DWPI let you input a partial structure and find references that include it in Markush structures in patents.
CAS also produces the CA File, the CAS REGISTRY File, CASREACT, CIN, and MARPAT.